It is not a secret anymore that the Museum of Romanian Records reunites some of the largest collections in the world. Each of them has a special history, and this time, the corkscrew collection was in the center of attention.

In January, an interview about the museum’s corkscrew collection was aired on the Romanian TV Station “Digi 24”. The collector Ion Chirescu, along with Victor Bota and Gabriel Soare, spoke with Dana Gonț, who is a TV journalist and a blogger. Interesting details about the passion of collecting corkscrews and also about the use and beauty of these objects were revealed during the interview.

You can access this link, in order to see the entire interview without subtitles.

Also, on Dana Gonț’s blog you can see a post about the corkscrew collection, as well as pressing irons, where surprising stories are being told and beautiful photos are revealing the amplitude of the museum’s collections. The English version can be found on, while the Romanian version can be found here.