Trivet Collection

This collection consisting of more than 15 000 pieces is another world record that the Museum will soon have on display. The incredible variation of patents and designs can be seen here and their utility and compatibility with the pressing irons will be understood.trivet-heart-shape

The main purpose of a trivet is to prevent contact between a heated object, like a pressing iron, and the surface or fabric underneath it. Besides this protective role, the trivet is designed to take as little heat as possible from the object placed on it in order to maintain it hot for as long as possible while still preventing damage to the table or clothes. This is why many trivets have decorations and different models cut into it as less material means that it will take lesser heat from the iron while serving an esthetical role at the same time.trivet-decoration-heart

The variation in designs is incredible. There are different ornaments, symbols, figures or monograms as well as trivets having its manufacturer’s markings which could also serve as advertising. The decorative role of the trivet is emphasized in the models that have funny texts or depict moments of the human life.

Some trivets were made in specific sizes and shape in order to fit a particular pressing iron. Manufacturers often created their own trivet which could be sold with a matching iron as a set. But other trivets were made so that different irons with different shapes or sizes could be place on it. The purpose is the same, to protect the sole from getting dirty and the table or cloths from getting burnt, but one was not conditioned to buy another trivet when changing an old pressing iron.

Most of the trivets have three legs as the standard shape of a pressing iron has a pointed end but there also are trivets with four, even five legs which are meant to sustain more weight while some trivets can have longer legs so that the pressing iron can rest at a higher distance from the surface beneath it or at a convenient high for the user.

The trivets represent an incredible universe in itself and it is amazing that such a vast part of history is a completion to another universe: the pressing irons. The exposition is available for visit at the Museum of Romanian Records.