Sectiunea 3 – Multiple colectii

Section 3 - Multiple collections

The Muzeum of Romanian Records® is not only home to the largest collections of corkscrews, pressing
irons, trivets, vintage cameras or Romanian philatelic items, but to other 30 smaller collections as well.
The objects themselves might appear simple when described, but once they are seen they will be
perceived as artworks, thanks to the special and various designs. Moreover, through these objects one
can understand the progress humankind made in order to ease everyday life.

These multiple collections, as the large ones, are meant to carry the visitors to past times and to unfold
remarkable inventions which made the world a better one to live in.
Some of the most impressive of these multiple collections are the ones of old musical instruments, telephones, typewriters, sewing machines, theodolites, coffee and spice grinders, scales, samovars and many more.

Photo, projection and video cameras

The Vintage Camera Collection was born from a desire to show the progress of mankind regarding the processes of capturing moments in time. Over 5000 items are beautifully displayed in the Muzeum of Romanian Records® and they will give the visitors the chance to explore the past.

The desire of people to transpose reality into image has always existed, so they tried to do different things, in order to achieve it. Artists started drawing and painting, while inventors searched for mechanical methods, because they all wanted to capture the reality somehow.