After the opening of the Largest Romanian Philatelic Section, the autumn of 2018 brought together the Muzeul Recordurilor Româneşti®’ team and Dana Gont, as well as other creative and special people.

Dana Gont is a well-known Romanian journalist, blogger and a close friend of the Museum’s team. She has been writing about people, places and stories on for two years, so she decided that such an important event should be celebrated with style. Therefore, the museum hosted a rooftop party for Dana’ friends and family, and seeing their smiles, they really had a great time.

Dana wanted an unforgettable event for almost 100 persons, so a rooftop in the middle of Bucharest, decorated with beautiful flower arrangements, from where you can see the sunset, while sipping a glass of wine, eating delicious food and listening to someone playing the piano was the perfect scenery.

Moreover, add a surprise visit to the largest corkscrew collection in the world and some remarkable stories regarding these works of art and you have a one of a kind event.

This was not only about celebrating two years of Dana’s blog, but also about supportive friends, loving family members and about discovering new and inspirational people. Click here for the video!

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