Records & Achievements

Our achievements

Our building guests the world’s largest collections of corkscrews, pressing irons, and trivets, as well as other impressive ones, like the Romanian philatelic collection or the camera collection and many more. Below is a list with significant records and accomplishments that you can find in here.

The largest collection of Pressing irons

Over 35,000!

The record for the largest Pressing Iron Collection of 30,071 items was set in August 2016. Since then, the collection grew continuously and today exceeds 35,000 individual items.

The largest collection of trivets

Over 15,000!

The collection of trivets has been officially identified as the largest in the world. This happened in April 2016, when there were only 10,165 items in the collection. At this moment, this section of the museum contains over 15,000 trivets.

The largest collection of corkscrews

Over 30,000!

In June 2015, the Corkscrew Collection was officially recognized as being the largest in the world, comprising 23,965 items. Since then, the number of corkscrews continued to increase, and now the collection contains over 30,000 items.

The Largest Collection of Edelweiss Items

Over 5,000!

September 2017 marks the moment when a world record was achieved for the largest Collection of Edelweiss related items, which consisted of 2,754 objects. This collection by Alexandru and Cristian Dan Bartoc is part of the museum and now, there are over 5,000 items displayed.

The Largest Romanian Philatelic Collection

Over 150,000!

One of the most important achievements of the museum is the largest collection of Romanian Philatelic Items. In the present, there are exhibited over 100,000 Romanian Stamps and more than 50,000 other unique and rare Romanian Philatelic pieces.