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Plan your event

The building has a big conference room at the ground floor with over 150 seats. Plus, you benefit of a projector, pointer, sound system, microphone, and light control. In addition, you can take advantage of a generous space for coffee breaks. Moreover, from Spring until Fall, the space near the entrance is rearranged into a free time area with chairs and tables for everyone to enjoy their break in open air.

The roof of the building is an amazing place to have lunch, a cocktail break, or a wine tasting during your events. Therefore, you can enjoy both your time here and admire the great view over Bucharest, from the rooftop of a building, located in the heart of the city.

Upon request, we can arrange for a finger food lunch or snack, and wine tasting at our location. Also, we offer free parking at the locations for 13 cars or 2 coaches. Additional cars can be parked on the nearby streets or in the public parking area. See the Contact page for detailed maps.

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