The Muzeul Recordurilor Româneşti® is the best choice, if you want to plan an amazing event. The building has all the facilities you need to obtain positive results from your audience. In 2015, the Museum was chosen to host a very important event: the International Wine Contest Bucharest.

What is the IWCB?

The IWCB is the strongest contest of the Southeastern and Central Europe, and it catches attention by some new records.

  • First of all, there were 27 participant countries, and 13 of them were new.
  • Secondly, almost 1000 samples were sent for competition, of which 903 registered.

The confidence of the audience and wine producers in the fairness of the IWCB is increasing, because of the experienced jurors and the rigorous examination. Moreover, the jurors are from Romania, as well as from other countries: Switzerland, Israel, Republic of Moldova, Italy, Russia, Serbia, Australia, France, Poland, Austria, Portugal, USA.

IWCB wants to gain fame in a short time, so it can become the first free international wine contest in the world and leader in the elite “classic” contest.

This event was a real success, thanks to the determination of the IWCB team, and to their choice to have the contest in the building of the Museum of Romanian Records from Bucharest.

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