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The Museum of Romanian Records offers you the possibility to spend a great time to discover unique collections of different sizes and diversities! Besides this, the museum gives you the opportunity of planning your own event here!

The building has a big conference room at the ground floor with over 150 seats. Plus, you benefit of a projector, pointer, sound system, microphone, and light control. In addition, you can take advantage of a generous space for coffee breaks. Moreover, from Spring until Fall, the space near the entrance is rearranged into a free time area with chairs and tables for everyone to enjoy their break in open air.

The Museum offers another large space, situated at the third floor. Furthermore, temporary exhibitions can also fit here and the space can be proper for any activity and ingenious ideas.

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The roof of the Museum is an amazing place to have lunch, a cocktail break, or a wine tasting during your events. Therefore, you can enjoy both your time here and admire the great view over Bucharest, from the rooftop of a Museum, located in the heart of the city.

Upon request, we can arrange for a finger food lunch or snack, and wine tasting at our location. Also, the Museum offers free parking at the locations for 13 cars or 2 coaches. Additional cars can be parked on the nearby streets or in the public parking area. See the Contact page for detailed maps.

Facilities offered by the Museum of Romanian Records

  • Conference roommuseum-romanian-records-event-bucharest
  • Over 150 seats
  • Projector, Pointer
  • Speech Desk & Microphones
  • Sound System
  • Light Control
  • Generous Coffee Break Space
  • A large space at the third floor
  • Roof proper for lunch or cocktail break
  • Possibility of arranging for finger food lunch or wine tasting
  • Parking for 13 cars, or 2 coaches (additional cars can be parked nearby)
  • Free time area/Smoking Area
  • Visit the Museum’s Collections

For more detailed information about the facilities of the Museum, or to see if the selected period of your event is available, please contact the Marketing Department, or fill in the form above, and you will soon be contacted by one of our colleagues that can help you plan your event!

Events planned at the Museum of Records!

Corkscrew-Collection-Bonton-TVWorld’s Largest Corkscrew Collection – Bonton TV Show 2018

Interesting details about the largest corkscrew collection in the world were revealed during an interview which was aired on the Romanian TV Station “Digi24”, in January.

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CanCan Ladies Legs BookCanCan Ladies’ Legs Corkscrews – Book Release 2017

In August 2017, the team of the Museum of Romanian Records took part in the project entitled CanCan Ladies’ Legs Corkscrews. Find the proof in this new book, that an ordinary corkscrew or pocketknife can steal the show!

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Experience Bucharest in the Museum of Romanian Records

At the beginning of May 2017, the Museum of Romanian Records was host for the largest project promoting Bucharest tourism that has ever been done: Experience Bucharest!

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revino-party-museum-recordsRevino Rooftop Wine Party Bucharest – 2016

The Rooftop Parties are things you need to put on your bucket list! It is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do in Bucharest! The top of the building of the Museum of Romanian Records is one ideal place to organize such an event!

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Romfilatelia – Romanian Collections

The first encounter between the team of the Museum of Romanian Records and Romfilatelia was in 2012. At that time, a great collaboration started between us, which led to the creation of a postage stamps series called Romanian Collections.

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Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club 2015

The Museum of Romanian Records was the host for the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club, in 2015. This club, also known as CCCC, is the biggest international club for corkscrew enthusiasts.

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International Wine Contest Bucharest 2015

The Museum of Romanian Records is the best choice, if you want to plan an amazing event. The building has all the facilities you need to obtain positive results from your audience. In 2015, the Museum was chosen to host a very important event: the International Wine Contest Bucharest.

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14th International Iron Congress

The Museum of Romanian Records organized the 14th Edition of the International Iron Congress, in 2012. This was an opportunity for the people that share the same passion for pressing irons to discuss and to exchange opinions.

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