The Muzeul Recordurilor Româneşti® organized the 14th Edition of the International Iron Congress, in 2012. This was an opportunity for the people that share the same passion for pressing irons to discuss and to exchange opinions. The event took place in Sinaia, at the famous Casino, in the heart of the city. The reason the event was held there is because, at that time, the location of the museum in Bucharest was just partially finished.

What is the International Iron Congress?

The meeting from 2012 was the biggest in the history of the international meetings between pressing iron collectors. Then, the attendee number reached 120, while the number of items displayed by the Museum was around 3000.

The highlights of the program included visiting the selection of pressing irons of the Muzeul Recordurilor Româneşti®. Another highlight of event was the Buy & Sell Section, where pressing irons found new collectors.

At this moment, the Muzeul Recordurilor Româneşti® has over 30 000 individual pieces which are beautifully displayed in its location in the middle of Bucharest.

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