Romanian Philatelic Collection


This year, the Romanians have many things to celebrate, and one of the most important is the Centenary of the Great Union.

The Museum of Romanian Records wants to do something very special for the Romanians on this occasion, therefore we choose to celebrate this event, by opening the largest Romanian Philatelic Collection in the world. Our country’s history can be told through many ways: sculptures, paintings, music, books, movies, but this time we would like to show you how a little piece of paper can highlight our past and present.

In this new collection, you will see approximately 800 frames, on which more than 50 000 items will be displayed, containing Romanian stamps and other philatelic objects, since the appearance of the “Bull’s Head” until today.

Therefore, starting August 2018, you will be able to see the following items divided in many sections, in the Museum of Romanian Records, the home of some of the most impressive collections in the world.