Pressing Iron Collection

The Pressing iron Collection

The pressing iron collection is the largest in the world, and in 2016 was internationally certified. Since then, the number of the items has increased and today we have over 35 000 pieces .

This is the best place to learn about pressing irons, the different methods used for heating or about the various models for decorating them. The iron and its evolution follow that of mankind, through the ages, and offers a complete perspective and a better understanding of our history.

Fashion and clothes have always played an important role in the society and the wardrobe was even an indicator of the group you belonged to or the social status you had. Different historical periods or different places created different clothes, made of different fabrics which needed to be taken care in special ways. Important parts in what concerns the clothing of humans throughout history can be split in three main steps: the first one is the creation of the clothes, then there is the cleaning, and of course, pressing the fabric in order to remove the wrinkles.

All the cultural differences and the long period of time when men and women were so concerned about their appearance produced a great variety of designs and methods for pressing the materials which can be seen only in the largest collection of pressing irons in the world.