Since the record was obtained, the number continued to increase and the collection now comprises over 30 000 corkscrews. There is no other place where you can see as many patents and designs for a tool that is often underappreciated.


All the cultural differences and the long period of time when men and women were so concerned about their appearance produced a great variety of designs and methods for pressing the materials which can be seen only in the largest collection of pressing irons in the world. The record was set in 2016 but since then the collection grew and now exceeds 35 000 individual pieces.



The trivet collection has an importance in itself as the visitors can discover that the trivets were often ornamented and also had an aesthetic role. Also, the trivets section completes the pressing iron collection and together they recreate the big picture of the forgotten history of humans. Since the record was set in 2016, the collection grew and now has over 15 000 individual pieces.