We invite you to discover a special location for organizing your events, located strategically in Bucharest. It this page we will describe all facilities and advantages that we can offer to make your event in an unforgettable experience. 

Location and Accessibility

Our building has eight floors and it is situated in a central area, with private parking space and easy access to many of the city’s points of interest. At only 25 minutes of walking or 5 minutes drive is the Parliament Palace (the third biggest administrative building, for civil use, in the world), as well as the old historical center, known for its vibrant night atmosphere, its restaurants and coffeeshops. Close to the location, at only 5-10 minutes, are many renowned hotels, that will ensure comfortable accomodation for your guests.

Exterior Courtyard

The building’s exterior courtyard can be utilized for two purposes:

  1. Parking space – the available capacity for parking is 4 buses, or 15 passenger cars.

  2. Space for outside events – to create a pleasant environment, the courtyard can be decorated with potted plants, tables, chairs and umbrellas. The space is an ideal place for various events, like cocktails, receptions, product launches, theater, fairs and festivals, corporate events, etc. The courtyard can be personalized regarding the theme and type of event.

Conference Room (Ground Floor)

On the building’s ground floor we have a spacious and well equipped conference room. It has a capacity of about 150 places. The room is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment like: projector, sound system (speakers, microphone), light control. Beside, the room has a generous space for coffee breaks, were the participants can socialize. All this will contribute to a good unfolding of your event. 

Rooms for Special Events (Floor 1 + Floor 5)

On the floors 1 and 5 we offer you 2 rooms that can be configurated according to your need and preferences, and depending on your event. Both rooms have natural lightning and are appropriate for various events like: lunches and business meetings, dinners, teambuilding, workshops, seminars, fairs, exibitions, as well as other events.

Room for Big Events (Floor 1)

This room has a 200 people capacity and a small terrace, ideal for smokers. Considering the size of this room, it is perfect for bigger events, like fairs, exibitions, conferences, anniversaries, and other privet parties or festive dinners.

Room for Small and Medium Events (Floor 5)

With a capacity of up to 100 persons, this room offers a intimate and comfortable space. This makes it ideal for smaller events, like business meetings, private parties, wine tastings, seminars, exhibitions.  

Terrace with a panoramic view (Floor 6)

The sixth floor houses a terrace with a panoramic view of Bucharest city. With a capacity of 120-250 persons, depending on the furniture used, it is ideal for events held especially during Spring and Summer. We can offer the space empty, so you can set up however you wish, or we can equip it with exterior furniture (tables, chairs, and umbrellas or tent), potted plants, fans (in hot days) and ambient lighting for special evenings. Among the types of events that cand be held here are: private parties (engagement, anniversaries), corporate events, business lunches or dinners, courses, seminars, outdoor workshops, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, etc.


An unique aspect of our bulding is represented by the private collections, exhibited under the registered trademark Museum of Romanian Records®. These collections are distributed on fiv levels, each level dedicated to one distinct category of object. Thus, all collections are divided into four categories, as followes:

Section 1Pressing irons, trivets and stoves collections, that offers a fascinating incursion in the history of household technology

Section 2Philately and Romanian postal history collection, which encompasses 99% of the total of stamps issued by the Romanian state. All the stamps, postal documents, and philatelic objects exhibited in this section shows the volution of Romanian postal system.

Section 3Collections of Photo Cameras, Gramophones, Phonographs, Typewriters and Calculators along with other themed Colections, including Edelweiss flower themed objects, Sewing Machines, Telephones, Scales, etc. Visiting this section offers a captivating perspective on the evolution of technology and design of household objects

Section 4Corkscrews Collection , that represent the diversity and evolution of these intruments, as well as the ingenuity showed by their creators

Visiting these collections can be included as part of any event organized in our building, offering its participants a a unique, cultural and educational experience. Thus, any event you choose to organize at our location, will have an extra note, distinctive and memorable, compared to events organized at other locations.

Types of Events

Considering all the information above, it can be seen that we have the capacity to organize a varied range of vents, and we can adapt to all your need and preferences. Some of the events that can be organized are:

  1. Conferences, seminars, courses – with the conference room, spacious and well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, we can answer all you requests regarding these types of events.

  2. Presentations and product launches – both the conference room and the other spaces, are ideal for organizing multiple presentations, product launches (books, wine, etc.) and various demonstrations.

  3. Movie projections – the multimedia equipment from the conference room can provide an exceptional visual and auditory experience, during movie and documentaries screenings.

  4. Corporate events and teambuilding our spaces are ideal for organizing business meetings, seminars, workshops or interactive activities, that can help create a strong bond between members of a team, this leading to raising the productivity and motivations of your employees.

  5. Private parties – all the exterior spaces, as well as the rooms from first and fifth floors, can be arranged according to the event’s theme, and it will offer a perfect frame for various social events, anniversaries and many other festive events.

  6. Wine tastings and culinary events
    collaborating with trusted suppliers (caterers and wineries) offers us the support to organize unique gastronomic events.

Additional Services

To ensure the comfort and satisfaction of the participants at the events we organize, we offer a wide range of additional services, as follows:

  1. Furniture – upon request, we can provide the furniture needed for the event, from tables and chairs, to couches and comfortable armchairs.

  2. Dinnerware and cutlery – we can offer the Dinnerware and cutlery needed in case of events that involve serving the meal.

  3. Catering Services – We provide, on request, coffee breaks and finger foods

  4. Sommeliers for wine tastings – collaborating with experimented sommeliers allows us to offer this service, in the case that this is one of your requests for your event.

You can visit us on location to discuss in detail organizing future events, and to see all the spaces, rooms, and facilities we can offer. We can assist you in all aspects of planning and running your event, and, depending on the theme and requests, we can provide personalied offers.

Plan your event

The building has a big conference room at the ground floor with over 150 seats. Plus, you benefit of a projector, pointer, sound system, microphone, and light control. In addition, you can take advantage of a generous space for coffee breaks. Moreover, from Spring until Fall, the space near the entrance is rearranged into a free time area with chairs and tables for everyone to enjoy their break in open air.

The roof of the building is an amazing place to have lunch, a cocktail break, or a wine tasting during your events. Therefore, you can enjoy both your time here and admire the great view over Bucharest, from the rooftop of a building, located in the heart of the city.

Upon request, we can arrange for a finger food lunch or snack, and wine tasting at our location. Also, we offer free parking at the locations for 13 cars or 2 coaches. Additional cars can be parked on the nearby streets or in the public parking area. See the Contact page for detailed maps.

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