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If you think you've seen it all, I will surprise you with a story about a place you never had the opportunity to find anywhere in the world. It is a surprising, overwhelming and impressive place. It is, well... breathtaking!
Dana Gonț
You might think seeing the world’s largest collection of irons wouldn’t be interesting, but trust me, it is.
My Life's a Travel Movie
Little did you know, but the biggest collection of corkscrews in the world can be found in this tiny capital.
The Unlikely Diva
The pressing iron collection with over 35,000 pieces is a true hidden gem in Bucharest.
Full Suitcase
I recommend you go see by yourself! You’ll be surprised how cool this place actually is.
Travelling Buzz
In the corkscrew collection, you can see the evolution of the corkscrew from its very beginning, to its journey through the world's patents.
Carmen's Luxury Travel
I love a few quirks in a city, and the best one I found in Bucharest was at the Museum of Romanian Records. Just when you think you’ve seen them all, they keep on going!
Adventurous Kate's Solo Female Travel Blog
And in news you never knew you needed to know, Bucharest is actually home to the worlds largest collection of irons and corkscrews at the Museum of Romanian Records.
Mags On The Move
No less than 28,000 corkscrews! And that increases even more, day after day... A real weekend discoveries: corkscrews, irons and the Romanian capital.
Florilège de Tire-Bouchons
I can honestly say it was a success, having attended the conference held at Radisson Blu, the rooftop party from The Museum of Romanian Records on Parfumului Street
Self Wanderer
This congenial group of PITCA members toured the Museum of Romanian Records in Bucharest, Romania, en route to Lindau, Germany for the September 2018 International Congress.
Pressing Iron and Trivet Collectors of America
The Museum is a unique place where various household items are illustrated in interesting collections, some of them being the largest in the world.
International Wine Contest Bucharest
The Museum of Romanian Records in Bucharest, is home to the largest collection of Romanian stamps, but also to impressive collections of corkscrews, pressing irons, trivets, and vintage cameras.
Romania Insider